Young Children's Community Classroom

The Young Children's Community (YCC) class at Ridgemont Montessori School is a small community of children, numbering no more than nine students. The environment provides opportunity for socialization, language enrichment, sensorial exploration, and coordination of movement. Sharing and cooperation are also stressed. We want your child to feel secure in what may be his first experience away from his family.

Hours and Days

The YCC class meets Monday through Friday from 8:45 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Age Range

The minimum age requirement is 18 months. It is suggested, though not required, that children enter by their second birthday in order to benefit from at least six months in the program. YCC students may move into the Primary classes at around 3 years of age. Readiness is determined by the YCC teacher and the child’s parents. A child entering the Primary class must be toilet-trained.

Toilet Training

It is not necessary for children in the YCC class to be toilet-trained. Ridgemont will provide disposable diapers for the children’s use. Diapers are changed each day as needed and as soon as wetness and/or soil is detected.

Toilet training begins when interest and readiness are exhibited. Visits to the toilet may be adult or child initiated. When the child demonstrates a minimum reliability, he begins wearing underwear.

Parents provide a complete change of clothing which is stored in a labeled shoe box. Children are re-dressed as necessary and soiled clothing is sent home in a plastic bag. It is the parent’s responsibility to replace the change of clothes in the shoe box.


Each day at mid-morning, the children come together for a snack. They assist the teacher in preparing the food, setting the tables, serving each other, and cleaning up afterward. This is a popular daily event! Parents provide the daily snack for the YCC class. The menu schedule is set up at the beginning of the school year.