Enrichment Classes

Ridgemont's "Lunch Bunch" and Afternoons at Ridgemont programs are for our younger Primary students.  Both allow the children to extend their time with their peers and enjoy more opportunities at Ridgemont.  "Lunch Bunch" allows students to bring their lunch from home and eat with their peers in our classrooms.  Children really enjoy this time together! 

Afternoons at Ridgemont continues after lunch and includes rest time and also incorporates some of the enrichment classes described below as well as additioinal outdoor time in our garden or playing.


Cooking and Baking

Ridgemont's Cooking & Baking enrichment class is offered on Monday afternoons for interested four-year-old participants.  This class offers an exciting opportunity for children to have an in-depth exploration of cooking and baking.  Each class includes a demonstration of a particular cooking/baking technique, hands-on cooking/baking time for the children, and the creation of a delicious dish.  Studies have shown that regular food preparation experiences provide a fun way for children to strengthen fine motor ability and fosters team work and problem-solving.  From an academic perspective, cooking with children reinforces critical language, math and science concepts learned during the morning work period.  The children love creating each dish and enjoying it with their fellow chefs and, if there are left-overs, sharing it with their family!



Ridgemont’s Art enrichment class is offered on Wednesday afternoons for interested four-year-old participants.  This class offers children with the opportunity to make art, a hands-on activity that expands imagination and exercises creativity.  Art also develops small motor control and eye/hand coordination while sharpening children’s powers of observation.  Every class introduces a new art concept, style or technique which will be the basis for the day’s activity.  Children are also introduced to famous artists through stories and reproductions of their artwork.  Art activities include drawing, painting, printing, collage, sculpture, as well as reading art-related literature and fun games.  Children are active learners and Ridgemont’s Art program is a great way to foster creativity and personal discovery!


Spanish Program

Ridgemont’s Spanish enrichment class is offered on Thursday and Friday afternoons for students interested in participating.  This class exposes children to a new language and thereby allowing him or her to optimize his or her learning potential.  Four-year-old participants receive lessons on vocabulary (numbers, colors, shapes, sizes, animals, fruit, etc.) as well as songs and interactive games.  A craft is often a part of the class as well.  Five and six-year-old participants learn vocabulary, songs and games too, but also listen to stories in Spanish, do crafts with Spanish directions, and learn basic conversational Spanish.  Students who are reading also participate in activities which involve reading in Spanish.  Ridgemont’s Spanish program is a great way to provide children with a greater appreciation and sensitivity to people and cultures in other countries!